A Costly Mistake: Why Building an Internal Global Sales Team Can Backfire?

Recently, an ex-potential prospect reached out to me after nearly a year. We had met about a year ago to discuss how my team could help them expand into European and global markets. At the time, they were deciding between our services and building their own internal team. They chose the latter.


Unfortunately, this decision resulted in a huge mistake. They spent nearly a year and hundreds of thousands of dollars building an internal team, only to find themselves with no significant progress in the foreign markets. Now, they’re back, seeking our help to correct course.

This situation is a critical warning for many. Building a global sales team from scratch without experience and support is challenging and risky. It can lead to significant losses in time and money. Here’s our recommendation:

  • Leverage Expertise: Work with someone experienced in building global sales teams. Whether it’s hiring a director who has done it before, collaborating with experts, or getting guidance from knowledgeable friends, having experienced support is crucial.
  • Understand Sales: As a CEO, understanding sales is vital. It’s the main fuel for every business. Get help to set up and build initial processes. Start small, celebrate early wins, and then gradually expand your team with people who can scale your success.

Don’t let the lack of experience hold you back. Partner with experts to build a strong foundation and then grow confidently.

If you’re looking to expand globally, don’t make the same mistake. Reach out to those with the right expertise to guide you. Let’s connect and discuss how we can help you achieve your global ambitions.


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