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A Costly Mistake: Why Building an Internal Global Sales Team Can Backfire?

Recently, an ex-potential prospect reached out to me after nearly a year. We had met about a year ago to discuss how my team could help them expand into European and global markets. At the time, they were deciding between our services and building their own internal team. They chose the latter.   Unfortunately, this […]

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Vietnam IT Market Insights

Vietnam has been rapidly transforming into a tech-savvy nation, with a growing demand for digital solutions and services. The country’s IT market has been expanding at an unprecedented rate, driven by factors such as: Over 530,000 tech-savvy professionals  More than 67,000 IT companies 9,800+ IT service  providers  Favorable government policies, and increasing foreign investment.  As […]

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5 Strategic Communication for Next-Level Results

IT outsourcing can be a game-changer for businesses looking to enhance their technology capabilities without the need to build and maintain an in-house team. However, effective communication between the client and the IT service providers is crucial to ensure the success of the partnership.  In this article, we’ll explore five essential strategies to improve communication […]